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Poet & Novelist Author of 'The Vampyre' born & died here
This pretty cottage was built in 1841 as the home of the bird-keeper in St. James's Park. It also had a club room for the Ornithological Society of London, which once helped to look after the park's duck and geese. The design, like a Swiss chal…
Purchased the original Stanley Cup from a silversmith on this site in 1892 for the people of Canada to commemorate amateur and professional ice hockey. The Cup is now in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.
Close to this place Richard Trevithick Born 1771 - Died 1833 Pioneer of High Pressure Steam ran in the year 1808 the first steam locomotive to draw passengers
The first anaesthetic given in England was administered in a house on this site 19 December 1846
Essayist died here
Industrialist and Film Producer worked here
last Bourbon King of France lived here 1805-1814
Who fought tirelessly for the freedom of Corsica lived in a building on this site 'Babbu di a Patria'
Albert Herbert Stanley Lord Ashfield 1874-1948 First Chairman of London Transport lived here
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