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Actor and Director lived here 1945-1976
First Director-General of the BBC lived here 1924-1930
The Audley name can be found associated with kings & nobility throughout English history. 1127 Henry I restored a knighthood on his son-in-law Geoffrey of Anjou. Geoffrey's grandson William Longspree (illegitimate son of Henry II), the Earl of …
Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb composed and stayed here 1968-1980
Composer and Actor Manager lived and died in a flat on the top floor of this building
His albums Hunky Dory and The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust, and the iconic single Space Oddity were recorded here at Trident Studios Awarded by BBC Radio London
The Buxton Memorial was erected to commemorate the emancipation of slaves following the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act. The memorial was donated by Charles Buxton MP in memory of his father, Sir Thomas Foxwell Buxton, and those associated with him …
Novelist Lived Here
Founder of Modern Vietnam worked in 1913 at the Carlton Hotel which stood on this site
Composer lived in this house from 1723 and died here