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Satterlee Field of approximately100 acres was donated in 1949 byEleanor Morgan Satterleeto the United States of Americain memory of her mother,Louisa P. Satterleeas part ofAcadia National Park
Along Acadia National Park's rocky shores, there is only one sand beach. Over 15,000 years ago glacial ice carved out this valley. Melting glaciers and rising sea waters flooded it, creating a protected cove. A headland and a rock shelf offshore d…
As you explore Acadia National Park, you will discover private property interspersed with park lands. Many large national parks, like Yellowstone and Grand Canyon, were carved from the public domain as single, vast tracts of land. Acadia, in contr…
The recovery of the peregrine falcon is one of the great environmental success stories of our time. Although they once nested on the east face of Champlain Mountain above you, by 1964 peregrines had become extinct throughout the eastern United Sta…
This spring was truly a magnificent one...wonderfully placed, with the mountains rising steeply up beside it, contrasting with the Great and Little Meadow lands on either side.George B. Dorr, 1942 Like others before him, George B. Dorr, the fou…
HistoryThe founders of this parish named their congregation in honor of the Holy Saviour, Jesus, and in recognition of the first Christian mission, St. Sauveur, on the island by French Jesuits in 1613. The Heartbeat of LifeGod gives love and gr…
In memory ofEden's Sonswho wereDefenders of the Union1861 - 1865
In recognition ofCommunity Service asDirector of the Town Bandfor over forty years Dedicated July 4, 2005
Established before 1790 holds in many unmarked and unknown graves the remains of those courageous men and women pioneers on the frontier of downeast Maine. Sea captains, fishermen and farmers, shipwrights and hotelmen, selectmen and legislators, t…
This monumentis dedicated tothe men and womenofBar Harbor who haveserved their countryas members of theArmed Forces