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Presbyterian, founded in 1757 by Scottish Highlanders. Present building, the third, erected about 1895, is 200 yds. northeast.
Revolutionary War leader. Whig Colonel in Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge, 1776. Town of Lillington (est. 1859) named in his honor.
"Pentecostal Apostle of the South." Inspired by Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles in 1906, he led revival ? mi. S.W.
On this field March 15-16 1865 men of South Carolina stood with men of other Southern States and fought bloodily and bravely for their beliefs and way of life. In doing so they wrote their names in imperishable letters in the book of glory.
North Carolina's Civil War stories are as diverse as its landscape. The Outer Banks and coastal rivers saw action early in the war, as Union forces occupied the region. Stories abound of naval battles, blockade running, Federal raids, and the Conf…
In honor of all veterans who served this great country on land sea and in the air and went forth to face death on native and foreign soil so freedom, justice and democracy may prevail.May the living be blessed and the departed rest in peaceAll gav…
BattleofAverasboroMarch 16,1865———————- [ Right of Monument: ]Inmemoryof ourConfederateDeadwho fell uponthat day.———————— [ Back of Monument: ]The hear…
In grateful memory ofthe brave men who sleepin Chicora Cemetery.They fought their last fightMarch 16, 1865on this third line breastworksof Averasboro Battlefield.
Top Left:John C. Smith home (Oak Grove) built in 1793, used as a Union Hospital in the Battle of Averasboro.Top right:William T. Smith home, built in 1834, used as a Union Hospital in the Battle of Averasboro.Middle Left:Farquhard Smith home (Leba…
Aviation pioneer. His aerial shows helped popularize flying in N.C. Died in crash, Dec. 25, 1929. Grave 3 blks. W.