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In Loving MemoryOrren Randolph Smithwho on February 12,1861, designed,"The Stars and Bars"the first official flag of the Confederacy adopted by the Confederate States Congress,Montgomery, Alabama, March 4, 1861 Warren County, North CarolinaDece…
In Loving MemoryZebulon Baird YanceFriend, Patriot, Philanthropist, Scholar, Orator, StatesmanLoyal friend to the Jewish people whom he honored in his classic lecture"The scattered nation"Born near Asheville N.C. May 18, 1836Elected Governor of No…
In Loving Memory"Dan" EmmettComposer of"Dixie" Born in Mount Vernon, OhioOctober, 29,1815Died in Mount Vernon, OhioJune 28, 1904He composed "Dixie" in New York City 1859
Eilenburg Prussia GermanyOctober 6, 1837Memphis, TennesseeApril 10, 1927 He orchestrayed "Dixie" and played it for the first time at the inauguration of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, Montgomery, AlabamaFebruary 18, 1861
Eatonton, GeorgiaDecember 9, 1848Atlanta GeorgiaJuly 3, 1908 Creator of"Uncle Remus"
Author of "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come""The Trail of The Lonesome Pine" and other stories of Virginia and Kentucky He was the interpreter of "The Heart of The Hills" and endeared to thousands of readers by the charm and truth of his work.
In Memory of Francis Scott KeyBorn at "Terra Rubra", Near Frederick, MarylandAugust 1, 1779Died in Baltimore, MarylandJanuary 11, 1843 He wrote "The Star Spangled Banner"while being detained by the British admiral under a flag of truce during t…
In Loving MemoryJames Whitcomb Riley"The Hoosier Poet" Born in Greenfield Indiana October 7,1853Died in Indianapolis, Indiana, July 22,1916A friend of "Bill Nye"A visitor at "Buck Shoals" on the French Broad River near this Church Erected by…
Soldier, Planter,Author, Statesman Born June 3, 1808Fairview KentuckyDied December 6, 1889New Orleans, Louisiana"He was a Statesman with clean hands and pure heart who served his people faithfully and well from budding manhood to hoary age"
In loving memoryWilliam Sydney Porter"O.Henry"American Short Story Writer Born in Greensboro N.C. September 11, 1862Died in New York City June 5, 1910A visitor in Western No. CarolinaHis body is interred in Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, N.C. …