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Methodist Episcopal Church South. First M.E. Church South erected A.D. 1838. Present building erected A.D. 1913-1915. Dedicated to the memory of Bishop Charles B. Galloway
Over 450 Confederate soldiers who died in and around Jackson during the Civil War are buried here. Their names are known but not the exact site of each grave, as some were reburied here from graves where they fell. As Jackson awaited the final sur…
This denomination, which has over 160 member churches in the U.S., was founded ca. 1896 in Jackson by the Rev. Charles Price Jones, preacher, evangelist, and prolific writer of religious songs.
Grant established his headquarters here on May 10, remaining two days. On May 11, Tuttle's and Steele's divisions of the XV Corps passed through Cayuga and the XIII Corps camps at Fivemile Creek to Auburn, three and a half miles northeast. Lacking…
On May 11, 1863, two division of the XV Corps camped here. Water was scarce, and Sherman reported to Grant that he was "short of provisions and ammunition" while captured mail indicated "many million rations in Vicksburg." The next morning, Grant …
Walter Hillman was President of the Central Female Institute from 1855 to 1887 and of Mississippi College from 1867 to 1873. During the Civil War he saved many Clintonians from starvation by requesting rations from General Sherman. When Charles Ca…
Following the closure of the female department at Mississippi College in 1851, the Central Baptist Association founded the Central Female Institute on this site in 1853. The institute provided primary and secondary education, as well as a two-year…
Frequently referred to as "40 & 8" cars because of their capacity to carry "40 men or 8 horses," the boxcars were built beginning in the 1870s and used in both World Wars to transport troops and supplies. Each of the cars of the Merci Train was ad…
Served 1839-1903 as the state capitol: restored 1959-1961 as the State Historical Museum, a division of the Miss. Department of Archives and History.
Built in 1894 as Jackson's first public school for black students. Commonly known as the "Mother School," it was named for Smith Robertson, a respected community leader, and Jackson's first black city alderman. Among the school's graduates is auth…
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