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Pioneer Baptist minister who, in 1824, settled in Hinds Co. and organ. Union Church in the Society Ridge Com. A founder of the Miss. Bapt. Conv. in 1836, he influenced that body to acquire Miss. Coll. in 1850.
Founded 1826, is oldest of Mississippi senior colleges. Under Baptist control. Was first coeducational college to grant degree to a woman. Famed for producing many a leader in church and state.
To improve communication to the Old Southwest, the Natchez Trace was declared a post road in 1800. Afterwards, with Choctaw permission, improvements to this section of the Old Trace began. In 1805, the Choctaw allowed inns, known as stands, to be …
The Treaty of Doaks Stand, 1820, opened this land to white settlement. Land was quickly claimed, and pioneer families established themselves in this wilderness. William Dean and his wife Margaret settled near here on the Old Natchez Trace in 1823.…
By the time of the Civil War, the Natchez Trace had lost its significance as a national road. One of the sections ran from Port Gibson toward Jackson but the route veered from the original Trace to reach Raymond. In the spring of 1863, General U.S…
(Left Panel) Lower Choctaw Boundary      The line of trees to your left has been a boundary for 200 years. It was established in 1765 and marked the eastern limits of the Old Natchez District. This boundary ran from a point 12 miles east of…
In 1853, the land now known as Champion Hill was given to Sid and Matilda Champion as a wedding present from her father, Eli Montgomery. They erected a two-story white frame house on the Old Jackson Road overlooking the railroad near Midway Statio…
Lloyd Tilgham Brigadier General C.S.A. Commanding First Brigade Loring's Division Killed here the afternoon of May 16, 1863, near the close of the Battle of Champion's Hill.
(Front Side) Confederate We of the South Remember, We of the South Revere. (Rear Side) Erected by the people of Hinds County in grateful memory of their men who in 1861-65 gave or offered to give their lives for the maintenance of constit…
In April of 1861, rumors of Civil War became a reality at Charleston harbor when Fort Sumter was fired upon by Southern forces. Many leaders, both North and South, believed that a dash to capture the opposing side's capital city would bring a quic…
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