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Built by Americans, 1776,at the site of Bayonne.Occupied 1777 - 82 by Loyalistforces, who named itFort Delancey.
Washington's "Flying Camp" here in 1776. Later fort held by British during entire war despite American attacks.
Somewhere below this site, on a wooded ledge twenty feet above the Hudson River, lay the dueling grounds. Among the many known and unknown duelists who fought here were Governor of New York, DeWitt Clinton (1769-1828), Secretary of the Treasury, A…
The most famous duel in American History took place on this date at the dueling grounds in Weehakken, between political rivals, General Alexander Hamilton and sitting Vice President of the United States, Colonel Aaron Burr. Hamilton fell mortally …
Upon this stone rested the head of the patriot, soldier, statesman, and jurist Alexander Hamilton, after the duel with Aaron Burr.
Stephen Collins Fostercomposer of"Old Folks at Home"and other immortal songs lived in this house during the year 1854. It was while living here that "Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair" was publishedJune 5, 1854. This is the only house standin…
The North River Bridge Co.Ground broken June 8th, 1895First foundation masonrylaid June 18th, 1895
Fast, reliable ferry service run by the Stevens family brought New Yorkers to Hoboken in droves. To attract riders, the Stevens' turned the waterfront into a semi-public park. They opened paths, pavilions, and breath-taking views, and named it Ely…
John Cox Stevens, an outgoing member of Hoboken's founding family and avid boater, organized the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) on July 30, 1844, and served as its first Commodore. He built the first clubhouse on this site at the foot of Tenth Street.…
This site was once close to the geological edge of the Hudson River. This building, CIRCA 1889, close to major transportation was once Hoboken's largest commercial structure. Built as the Second National Bank, it housed a variety of uses, most not…