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The Maxwell House Coffee Plant stretched along Hoboken's waterfront from Tenth to Twelfth Streets. It was a marvel of its time, the largest coffee processing plant in the world, and a local landmark. Before the plant was built in 1938-39, part of …
On this site stood the Martha Institute from 1866-1999. Built on land donated by Hoboken philanthropist Martha Bayard Stevens and named in her honor, the Martha Institute served as home to Hoboken's first German-American school, the Manual Trade S…
On June 19, 1846, the first match game of baseball was played here on the Elysian Fields between the Knickerbockers and the New Yorks. It is generally conceded that until this time, the game was not seriously regarded.
This land was a part of the Island of Hoboken which was deeded on Feb. 15, 1663 by Peter Stuyvesant, Governor of Nieuw Amsterdam, for the benefit of his sister Anna, Widow of Samuel Bayard of Amsterdam. In 1784, these 564 acres belonging to Wil…
DedicatedMay 30th - 1888- Committee -E.A. Stevens - G.A. SeideJames A. Greyer - Theophilus ButtsJames Benson - B.F. HartF.W. Schroeder - John Eckstein ErectedBy the citizens ofHobokenIn memory of their fallen heroes1861 - 1965
In memory ofSGT William FeskenKilled in action, VietnamMay 2, 1967And dedicated to allThose who sacrificed their livesIn the Vietnam Conflict so thatOur country might live
Francis Albert SinatraThe VoiceBorn hereAt 415 Monroe StreetDecember 12, 1915
Dedicated to those 153 Hoboken residentsWho made the ultimate sacrifice throughSeflfess acts of bravery, courage,And loyalty to our great countryAnd the principles of democracy. Mayor David RobertsJames J Farina, City Clerk Hoboken City Coun…
Erected by the town of Kearny Tercentenary Committee in memory of Major General Philip Kearny during the New Jersey Tercentenary year 1664 - 1964.
On July 30, 1916, the Black Tom munitions depot exploded, rocking New York Harbor and sending sleeping residents tumbling from their beds. The noise of the explosion was heard as far away as Maryland and Connecticut. On Ellis Island, terrified …