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Better Beginnings You are standing on the site of the historic town of Dyerville. In the late 19th century, timber gave rise to a booming community that served outposts and lumber camps up and down the Eel River. Dyerville boasted several hote…
Ltcuntadun is the name given to this place by the native Sinkyone-Lolangkok people. For hundreds of years they celebrated the river's abundant salmon, lamprey and steelhead. In 1876, a ferry crossed the river here. The town of Dyerville, named …
Eureka was founded as a town in 1850 and incorporated as a city in 1874. Located on the remote northwestern coast of California, Eureka was the region's major port of entry by water in the 19th century before the construction of good access by lan…
Site of treaty between coast and mountain Indian tribes
Incorporated December 15, 1854, as the Union Plank Walk, Rail Track, and Wharf Company, the Arcata and Mad River Rail Road is the oldest line on the north coast. Originally using a horse-drawn car, the railroad served as a link between Humboldt Ba…
Was consecrated by Bishop Manogue on June 6, 1886 - built by local architect James Simpson under the direction of the pastor, Father John S. Sheridan. It is the second church constructed at this location. Dedicated by the Grand Parlor Nati…
W.H. Crim, S.F. Architect; Bank, drug emporium downstairs; Offices leased by professionals and government agencies upstairs
Built in the late 1870's or early 1880's, the Fields Landing Hotel originally was used house rail train passengers bound for Eureka. They then continued on by boat to Eureka. In 1913 the railroad was extended to Eureka. The Fields Landing Hotel wa…
On this site the Rev. Asa White formed the first Methodist Society on Humboldt Bay, July 4, 1850 Arcata United Methodist Church June 24, 2000
Originally built in 1857 by Augustus Jacoby, this building was constructed of locally quarried stone and brick. This was the first fire proof building in Humboldt County. Jacoby left Arcata in 1862 and mercantile firms continued to occupy the "fir…