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In the mid to late 1800s, Halstead Street was known as "Irish Town" because of the large community of Irish Immigrants who lived here. This tight-knit Irish Catholic community was anchored by the Mulligan family, originally from Belturbet, County …
Laid out on the farm of Johannes Nuhl (later Anglicized to Newell) who had come from Staten Island c. 1730, this is the burial ground of many of his descendants over the years and now serves as an area community cemetery.
The outlet lock at this location was built to allow canal boats to pass between the Delaware & Raritan Canal and Pennsylvania's Delaware Canal. Canal boats loaded with coal from the Lehigh Valley would come down the Lehigh Canal to Easton, Pennsyl…
This is the Wishing Well Made Famous By The Song "There's a Small Hotel With a Wishing Well" by Rodgers & Hart.
Remnant of stone-lined channel below Demarest Creamery. Carried stream water as natural means of cleaning milk containers. Creamery est. 1903
In 1778, during the Revolution, the Township of West Amwell had the colonial road used by the Grand Continental Army under the command of General George Washington enroute to the battle at Monmouth, NJ. This section of the Bungtown Road is in its …
A rock formation here on Pero's Hill in East Amwell Township stands among the more unusual in an area of diverse geology. Local legend persists the three brothers hoping to overcome the Devil were turned to stone to stand here today.
This building served as a school from 1837 to 1871 on Old Franklin School Road. It was used as a variable storage shed on Locust Grove Road until 1977, when it was moved here and restored. Its structural frame and windows remain original to the bu…
Was named for 2nd Lt. Josiah (Joe) Hooper. As chief pilot of a B-24, he flew many WWII bombing missions from Italy over the oil centers of Southeastern Europe. He and his crew were lost over Vienna, Austria on 21 February 1945 when shot down by he…
The nearby Union Ironworks built this house in 1760 as the residence of the superintentent . Enlarged in the 1830s, it was purchased by the State of NJ in the 1960s , when the reservoir was being built. It is now open as a historical museum.
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