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The original 1763 home was here. Commissary-General Charles Stewart feted officers of the Continental Army. House replaced c. 1800 by the imposing stone residence across the road.
Known as Everitts Mills by 1759, then Everittstown by 1816. A post office served the town from 1848 until 1912, also a blacksmith shop, stores, a tailor, the grist and oil mill, plus the old tavern.
Dedicated to the men and women of Lebanon Township who devotedly served their country in time of war.
Foster M. Voorhees, born in Clinton in 1856, served as the 37th & 39th governor of NJ from 1898 to 1902. After his death in 1927, his farm here became Voorhees Park
Site of the Leake-Stillwell Grist & Fulling Mills. c1757
Named for Rockhill family who lived here on 846 acres as early as 1731. Original stone arch bridge built c1867 by H. Johnson. Reconstructed 2013/
Daniel Morgan was born in New Hampton, Hunterdon County in 1736. Like other residents on the New Jersey frontier, Morgan's father worked for the Union Iron Furnace. Uneducated, Morgan left home in 1751 and worked as a wagoner in Pittstown, NJ. He …
Constructed in 1890, this Carnegie Steel bridge served the Taylor Iron and Steel Company for 85 years. Restored by Union Forge Heritage Association and volunteers, this bridge was dedicated on July 17, 2010 as part of the Taylor Steelworkers Histo…
Dating back to the 1840's, this farm was purchased for Thomas Edison's storekeeper, Frederick Devonald, in 1932 and remained in the family until 1983. Unusual springhouse consists of two levels.
In Memory of All American Veterans This memorial honors all American veterans who, although separated by generations, shared a common, undeniable goal - to valiantly protect out country's freedoms. The memories of these Americans will conti…
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