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Dan K. Moore. Governor, 1965-69; held posts on superior & state Supreme courts. Set up initial Court of Appeals, 1967. Lived 1/10 mi. SE. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; document.get…
Today, members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians continue to honor and cultivate the traditions which have guided their culture for thousands of years. The Qualla Boundary, as it has been known for generations, is a small fragment of the ext…
The Cherokee domain once extended far beyond the distant mountains, but the white man, with broken treaties and fruitless promises, brought trouble to the Indians and caused their banishment to an Oklahoma reservation. A few escaped capture and fl…
Before you lies the massive Plott Balsam Range. On one of its eastern slopes Henry Plott, a German immigrant's son, made his home in the early 1800's. In this game-filled frontier, hunting dogs were a prized possesion. Here Henry Plott and his des…
The expedition led by Gen. Griffith Rutherford against the Cherokee, Sept., 1776, passed near-by along Savannah Creek.
The Zachary family of Cashiers symbolizes the divided loyalties of western North Carolinians. The builder of this house, Mordecai Zachery, had strong ties to the Confederacy, as did others in the area. Confederate Gen. Wade Hampton sent his family…
Named in honor of R. Gerry Browning, 1884 - 1966. Location and Claims Engineer and Parkway Consultant for North Carolina State Highway Commission, 1925 - 1964. His forceful presentation of the high quality scenery found in North Carolina secure…
What killed the trees? The balsam wooly adelgid, a pinhead-size insect native to Europe, is responsible. It began attacking the Fraser fir forests here in the 1970s. The red spruce, unaffected by the adelgid, survives in the midst of this devastat…
6053 Ft.Highest elevationBlue Ridge ParkwayMotor Road. United States Department of the InteriorNational Park Service
Confederate General;Governor of S.C.,1875-79; U.S. Senator. His Summer Home, "HighHampton", Stood 1 1/3Miles Southeast.