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On October 27, 1883, C. Mingus, c.w. Broback, I.J. Phipps and C.C. Beekman, deeded in excess of two hundred acres for a townsite plus twenty acres for a railroad depot to the Oregon and California railroad company. Charles Howard and his father…
Imagine this site in the 1890's. A small but serviceable locomotive, belching steam and smoke, rumbles up to the little depot on the corner. Commuters step from a single passenger car and quickly disperse. Further down the track, in the train yard…
In Memory of Veterans of All Wars Donated by the William H. Harrison Woman's Relief Corps Of Central Point, Oregon Auxillary to the Grand Army of the Republic
This simple frame building — listed on the National Register of Historic Places - is one of the oldest Forest Service structures in the country. Known for many years as the "tack room," it has served a variety of purposes since its…
This small grove of Comice pear trees are the only remaining of an original planting known as Harry & David Bear Creek Orchards Block 1A. Harry & David Corporation became internationally renowned in 1932 when they began marketing their gift boxes …
Route of Historic Applegate Trail
Dedicated to the Memory of Roderick Glen Muse M. Thompson     Wayne V. Combest Arthur L. Lockwood     Dean B. Ashcraft Alton G. Schaffe     Victor V. Anderson Clarence W. Mathes     Paul H. Scofield Richard E. Frye And …
In commemoration of all who served in defense of the Flag since the birth of this Nation Erected by patriotic citizens of Ashland American Revolution Civil War · Indian War World War Spanish American War · War of 1812 &…
We honor all Oregonians who served our state and nation, who shed their blood in defense of God, Family and Country. They are Oregon's Fallen War Heroes. We honor for their valor the men and women whose names are engraved on these monuments.…
Historic Applegate Trail 1846 - 1869 "Keene Creek Wagon Slide"