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The graceful, arched Depot Street Bridge, completed in 2005, was built to replace the steel-truss Depot Street Bridge, which served the community since 1950. Years of wear and tear, increasing traffic, and larger haul loads took their toll on the …
Casper M. Ruch started the Ruch settlement at this cross roads site between Crescent City and Jacksonville in 1896. On ten acres purchased from J.M. McDonough be built a home, blacksmith shop, warehouse, dance hall, store, and smoke house, curing …
Near Site Of Fort Birdseye 1855 Log House Built 1856
Davis Evans established the first ferry this site in 1851. It was known as Jewett's Ferry, 1853-1861. The 1862 flood destroyed the ferry, but it was replaced. The Woodville (Rogue River) Bridge was built in 1909.
Named for its hundreds of fresh water springs, lush glades and meadows, the Greensprings has for millenium been a seasonal gathering place for Native Americans and later provided refuge for travelers. In 1846, Levi Scott and the Applegate brothers…
"Keene Creek Wagon Slide"
Historic Applegate Trail 1846 - 1869 First Public Wagon Road 1869 - 1874 Southern Ore. Wagon Road 1874 - 1919
This toll road was constructed in 1858-1860 by the Thomas brothers. It was owned and operated by Lindsey Applegate, 1860-1869, and later by James Thornton and Jesse Dollarhide. It was replaced by the Pacific Highway in 1915.
The Lithia Fountain was installed on the Ashland Plaza in late 1927. In the 1900s, Lithia Water, which comes from the Pompadour Chief Spring, nearly four miles east of downtown, was the focus of a city-wide development plan that hoped to transform…
At 7533 feet, Mt. Ashland in the Siskiyou Mountains is the highest point in the headwaters of Ashland Creek. The coarse granitic soils on its steep slopes are highly erodible. Management of the watershed tries to minimize the disturbance to protec…