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Southern Route to Oregon In 1846, Jesse Applegate and fourteen others from near Dallas, Oregon, established a trail south from the Willamette Valley and east to Fort Hall. This route offered emigrants an alternative to the perilous "last le…
Applegate Trail emigrants required up to four days to travel from the Klamath River over the Cascades and Siskiyous to the Rouge River valley. The journey may have challenged those with healthy oxen, but it was a devastating trail for those who li…
In July 1846 Jesse Applegate, Levi Scott and thirteen others known as "The South Road Party" located this pioneer trail. It was used by the emigrants traveling from Fort Hall on the Oregon Trail to the Rogue River and Willamette Valleys between 1…
Gold found here in 1851 byJames CluggageJohn R. Poole