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On Monday, November 28, 1864, Union Major General William T. Sherman's "Left Wing" commanded by Major General Henry W. Slocum reached the Ogeechee River and Rocky Comfort Creek just west of Louisville. The bridges had been destroyed by portions of…
When an army crosses a large stream it is vulnerable to attack. Commanders often reduce this hazard by crossing at multiple locations, decreasing congestion and expediting the movement. When possible each crossing occurs within close supporting di…
The land where you now stand was originally settled by Revolutionary War hero and statesman General Solomon Wood. To protect against Indian attacks Wood built a fort approximately one mile to the east for protection of his family and neighbors. So…
1858 - 1919 Founder of the Town of Wrens
In July 1774 William Bartram entered Crawford County here, site of Marshall's Mill, going on to Knoxville, Roberta, and Cusetta.
The notorious "Yazoo Fraud" act was passed and later repealed in the old State Capitol that stood here 1794-1807. The 1794 Georgia legislature sold35,000,000 acres of land along the Yazoo River in what is now Alabama and Mississippi at 1½ cen…
Built in 1795, and before whose door the Yazoo Fraud papers were burned with fire drawn from heaven, February 15, 1796.
First Capitol built by the State of Georgia. Used as seat of government 1796 - 1807
In Memory of Dr. Alexander AveraOct 3, 1830 - Jan. 11, 1907 Beloved physician and founder of the town of Avera.In 1885 he donated the land for the town which was named in his honor. Born in Jefferson County, GA. Graduated Oglethorpe Medical …
On Nov. 28, 1864, the Left Wing (14th and 20th Corps) of Gen. Sherman's army [US], less Morgan's and Baird's divisions, 14th Corps, which had marched via Fenn's Bridge (10 mi. NW), and Jackson's and Geary's divisions, 20th Corps, which were destro…