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This crossing of the Potomac was known as Boteler's, Blackford's or the Shepherdstown Ford. By it five Divisions of the Army of Northern Virginia, coming from Harpers Ferry, crossed into Maryland, September 16 and 17, 1862, and marched to the fiel…
(East Facing Side): Jefferson CountyFormed in 1801 from Berkeley. Named for Thomas Jefferson. Home of Generals Gates, Drake, and Charles Lee. Here four companies of Washington's men organized. Shepherdstown was strongly urged as a seat of the Nati…
Civil War Hospital SiteR.D. Shepherds Town Hallwas used as a hospital duringthe Maryland Campaign 1862courtesy of S.H.A.F.
Civil War Hospital SiteMoulder Hall was used as a hospital duringthe Maryland Campaign 1862.Private Property courtesy of S.H.A.F.
In September 1862, after the Maryland Battles of South Mountain and Antietam, Shepherdstown became a scene of indescribable suffering. "The whole town was a hospital," wrote resident Mary Bedinger Mitchell. "There was scarcely a building in town t…
Established in 1872 as a branch of the State normal school system. It was an outgrowth of the old Shepherd College. This is the site of early settlement made by Thomas Shepherd who built a fort here during Indian days.
Inventor of the Steamboat who in October, A.D. 1783, on the Potomac River near the mouth of Sir John's Run made the first successful application of steam to the practical purpose of navigation and who on December 3rd, 1787, made a further successf…
Erected in 1771. The home of Colonel Samuel Washington, County Lieutenant. His brother General George Washington visited here and General Lafayette and Luis Phillipe of France were entertained here. In this house James Madison and Dolly Payne Todd…
1½ mi. S is 1825 home of John T. A. Washington, a great nephew of the 1st president. Land part of "Harewood" plot of Sam'l Washington, a brother of George. Original site of 1780 home "Berry Hill."
The original brick house was built on land owned by Lawrence Augustine Washington, the son of Samuel Washington, George's brother. The present mansion-house, in an excellent state of preservation, was built about 1825. During the battle of Cameron…