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German immigrant Frederick Roeder was a prosperous baker, the father of seven children, and a recent widower. Roeder was also about to die. The Fourth of July was normally a day of celebration, but not this year - not 1861. In March Roeder buried …
This house was acquiredin 1995 byactress Mary Tyler Moore,a descendant ofConrad Shindler,and donated to Shepherd College Foudationin honor of her father,George Tyler Moore.Between 1869 and 1995, this house served as the Reformed Church parsonage.
Founded by free African Americans, George W. & Betty Johnson, in 1848 on 12 acres, it was the first free black community in the state. Johnsons and other families built number of homes and a log, one ~ room graded school, which also served as a me…
Thousands of blacks seeking refuge from slavery and protection behind Union lines fled to Harpers Ferry during the Civil War. Recognizing the importance of education for former slaves, the government's Freedmen's Bureau began a school here in 1…
Company A, 22nd New York State Militia, photographed near here during the summer of 1862. Note the house with a cannon in front of it behind the soldiers. It is still here today. In May of 1862, during Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign, Union…
Chartered Dec. 11, 1811 by the Grand Lodge of the State of Virginia. Admitted as a member of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia Nov. 13, 1872. Stated-Communications First and third Mondays of each month and on the Festivals of St. John the Ba…
September 19, 1862 The Army of Northern Virginia, Gen. R. E. Lee Commanding, crossed Blackford's Ford during the night of September 18, 1862, and on the morning of the 19th took up its line of march in the direction of Williamsport. Lawton's and A…
Formerly Vestal's Gap. Historic gateway through the Blue Ridge into Shenandoah Valley. It was oftern used by Washington and by armies of the Blue and Gray, 1861-65. Here passed part of Braddock's army, 1755, en route to Fort Duquesne.
Built by Col. Joseph Van SwearingenAmerican Revolutionary SoldierVisited by Lafayette, George Washington, Henry Clay and Wm. J. BryanHome of Henry Shepherd V. Descendant of Shepherdtown's founder
He laid the foundation of the National Park Service. Defining and establishing the policies under which its areas shall be developed and conserved unimpaired for future generations. There will never come an end to the good that he has done.
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