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Built 1924
Built 1923
Founder of Overland Park1906 Sculpture by Kwan Wu Dedicated May 20, 2006
Built 1928
Built 1928
In Spring, 1862, William Clarke Quantrill, confederate guerrilla, led raids in and about Aubry, taking an uncounted toll of lives and property. Union troops seeking the raiders camped often along the military road (now Metcalf) from Fort Leavenwor…
In 1864 David Gee Campbell finally found his safe haven at this site, after dodging threats from the Missourians and danger from Quantrill's raiders in Shawnee. This valley reminded Campbell of his Tennessee home and his Scottish roots. Orig…
WestportWestport, along with Independence, was a major outfitting point for the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California Trails. Founded in 1834 by John C. McCoy and platted around the trading post he built the previous year, Westport's early fortunes wer…
Located today at 59th Terrace and Bluejacket in the city of Shawnee, Gum Springs was the site of the Shawnee Indian church and meeting house, as well as the location of several excellent springs, all near the intersection of the Fort Leavenworth M…
Richard Williams was born in Tennessee in 1830, son of Judge Arthur Williams. As a young man, Richard came to Johnson County in the 1850s, employed as a surveyor by the U.S. government. During the 1850s and early 1860s, Dick Williams was a "wagonm…
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