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In 1883 The Smithsonian Institution excavated the South Charleston or Criel mound. Thirteen skeleton were found, most of them in a large log tomb at the base of the mound, along with a few grave offerings. The mound was built by the Adena Culture,…
Sectional differences in western and easternVirginia fueled resentment and political divisionsbefore the Civil War. The divisions soon becameirrevocable after the convention in Richmond votedon April 17, 1861, for Virginia to secede and join theCo…
Constructed of buff Indiana limestone and lined with Imperial Danby marble from Vermont, the State's Capitol is considered one of the world's superb examples of Italian Renaissance architecture. Designed by the internationally prominent Cass Gilbe…
West Virginia's Capitol first located in Wheeling, 1863; located in Charleston, 1870; again in Wheeling, 1875, and finally in Charleston, 1885. It was located 2 mi. west until destroyed by fire, 1921. Present building was completed in 1932.
In 1924, ground was broken for this magnificent Georgian colonial style mansion, official home of the State's governors since 1926. Designed by W. F. Martens, it was constructed of colonial Harvard brick at an initial cost of $203,000.
Here was the home of W.H. Edwards, naturalist and explorer, who led an important expedition to the Amazon in 1846 and was one of the chief authorities on butterflies and moths. He was a descendant of renowned Jonathan Edwards.
Discovered in 1963 by Sam Kessell. Recognized as one of the oldest and deepest stratified sites of the Early Archaic period (8,000-10,000 BC). Artifacts recovered document early inhabitants who camped here along Kanawha River, were small hunter-ga…
Constructed in 1846. This cabin served as kitchen house for the 600-acre estate of John Morgan. The day before the Battle of Scary, on July 16, 1861, Union troops commanded by Gen. Jacob D. Cox camped on the Morgan estate and were fed from this ki…
[East Side]Montani Semper LiberiDedicated to the hallowed memories of the brave men and devoted women who saved West Virginia to the Union.Presented to the state and people of West Virginia through the instrumentalities of the Grand Army of the Re…
[South Side]In memory of the thirty-two thousand soldiers, sailors, and marines contributed by West Virginia to the service of the Union during the Civil War 1861-1865 [East Side]This monument erected A.D. 1930 by the Union Soldiers and Sailors…