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To the patriots of Kent County who risked their lives and fortunes for freedom during the American Revolution.
To honor those of Kent County who fought so valiantly during the War of 1812
Honoring those who served from Kent & Queen Anne's Counties.
British Rear Admiral George Cockburn noted Georgetown and Fredericktown "were Places of some...Importance," and the Sassafras the only upper river "I had not examined and cleared." He led his full force toward the villages May …
Lieutenant Colonel Philip Reed and his Maryland militia allegedly tried to fool British Troops at anchor off the Chester River. He directed his small force of cavalry to ferry back and forth between mainland and Eastern Neck Island, hoping British…
Captain Peter Parker arrived at Swan Creek in the HMS Menelaus August 20, 1814. The British had terrorized towns in the Upper Bay all summer, but Parker came with a special mission—-to divert attention from a strike against the U.S. Capital.…
Early September 3, 1814, at Mitchell House, British raiders roused Joseph T. Mitchell and his wife from their bed, shot their horses, and abducted Mitchell. They believed he ws commissary general for all of Maryland. His was a lesser job as commis…
The people of Chestertown—-a commercial center connected to international trade—-generally opposed going to war with Great Britain. Yet when war came, most supported the American effort. Chestertown sent many distinguished fighters to …
On May 6, 1813, the British landed barges at Turner's Creek—a village of about 60 people and an active port for grains and flour. Resident John Stavely was forced to lead the enemy vessels to Fredericktown and Georgetown. After destroying th…
Lieutenant Colonel Philip Reed, buried here in 1829, excelled among Maryland militia officers. Reed countered several of the British hit-and-run raids along the Eastern Shore. His men fended off the enemy's attack at Worton Creek and claimed victo…