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In grateful memory ofGeorge Wharton Marriottof LondonOne of the earliest andmost devoted of the English friends of Kenyon College.Through him Bishop Chase knew Lord Kenyon, Doctor Gaskin and Lady Rosse.In his honor these grounds were named in 1826…
The state's oldest private institution of higher education, Kenyon College was founded in 1824 in Worthington by Philander Chase, first Episcopal bishop of Ohio, and relocated to Gambier four years later. Both college and village are named for Bri…
Side A:In 1938 the president of Kenyon College, Gordon Keith Chalmers, brought one of the nation's most distinguished poets and critics, John Crowe Ransom, to the Gambier Hill. Chalmers brought Ransom to Kenyon College to create a distinguished li…
So proudly we standin tribute to theVeterans ofAmerica as onenation underGod withliberty andfreedomfor all. Welcome to the Knox County Veterans Walk of HonorPublic Square Flag PoleDedicated: May 26, 2008
Daniel Decatur EmmettAuthor of "Dixie"Born and Buried here
(south face) "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori"In grateful appreciation of the Patriotism and selfsacrifice of the lamented sons and soldiers of Knox Co. who for their Country and for freedom, laid down their lives in the war of the great Rebe…
Side A:On May 1, 1863, Peace Democratic Party leader Clement L. Vallandigham spoke to 10,000 people from this spot. Vallandigham's party, known by their opponents as "Copperheads," opposed the Civil War as an encroachment on both individuals' and …
Mary Ann Ball was born in this vicinity in 1817 and began her nursing career at age 20. When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Mary at the age of 45 went to the soldiers' aid. Ignoring rank, protocol, and allegiance, she pursued fearlessly and with…