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Dynamite was essential for expedient construction of the A&S. Rock cliffs on the Susquehanna River were blasted for months to create shelves that carried the rails northward, a lower route for the older Port Road and an upper route for the new A&S…
The Conestoga Indians in origin largely the survivors of the defeated ancient Susquehannas or Minquas of Iroquoian stock located their village variously on these lands in the Penn Proprietary Manor of Conestoga chiefly west of th…
Prior to the construction of the Pennsylvania Railroad only Henry Leaman's small farmhouse stood near here. In 1835, Mr. Leaman built a hotel and soon after a railroad station was established. A small village gradually sprung up and by the 1880s &…
(side 1) Prelude to Gettysburg One of the great debates of our Country's history and legacy is what scholars call "the two Civil Wars": the first a matter of campaigns, generals, and troop movements and the second focusing on the ways that the…
The Columbia Bridge Company was formed in 1811 and began to raise money for a bridge between Columbia and Wrightsville. This business served as the first bank in the community, and by 1814 had used its profits to build the first Columbia-Wrightsvi…
To the Memory of John Durang First native-born American Actor Born within sight of this building Jaunary 6, 1768 Erected by The Theatrical Brotherhood Association Lancaster, Pennsylvania January, 1955
The Lancaster jail was located a half block to the north from 1753 to 1851. The last remaining Conestoga Indians were held here in protective custody in 1763. They were killed by a vigilante group, the Paxton Boys. No arrests were made.
Site of Conestoga Indian MassacreDecember 27, 1763
On this sacred spot for 260 years stood the majestic white oak tree known as the Witness Tree. Despite preservation efforts, the tree succumbed to old age and was solemnly removed on June 3, 1991. Its memory symbolizes the patriotism and love of f…
Beneath this Witness Tree a new born patriotism found notable expressionOn a Sunday morning in September 1777 an express rider came to tell the congregation of Donegal Church that the British army under Lord Howe had left New York to invade Pennsy…
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