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Honoring allEast Cocalico Townshipveterans who proudly servedtheir country duringtimes of emergency
In everlasting tribute to thehonor and glory achieved bythe brave men and women ofEast Cocalico Townshipwho served their country inWorld War II 1941-1945 [Following men died in service]Harry BatesBenjamin FirestoneArthur KeiperAaron MohlerEarl …
To Those Who Served Duringthe Vietnam ConflictDecember 22, 1961 - May 7, 1975John Edwards [KIA]James E. Hunsicker [MIA]Randy L. Johnston [KIA]Dervin J. Keisling [KIA]Ronald E. Meckley [KIA]Barry L. Moyer [KIA]James H. Unruh [KIA] [Honor Roll of…
To Those Who Served DuringThe Korean ConflictJune 25, 1950 - January 31, 1955 Jay T. Bare [Killed in Action] [Honor Roll of Names] Memorial Erected May 1999
Pioneer SettlerJohann Eberhard Ream, born in Leimen, Germany on October 6, 1687 came to America with his family in 1717. They were the first white people in this area, having arrived here in 1723 or 4. He received two grants of land, 389 acres and…
Settled around 1724 by Everhard Ream and founded as a town by his son Tobias Ream in 1760, originally called Zoar. In 1777, during the Revolutionary War, a field hospital was set up here for wounded soldiers from the Battle of Brandwine, some of w…
Site of house occupied 1751-1781, by Edward Shippen; lawyer, judge, Chairman Committee of Observation, and grand-father of Peggy Shippen Arnold. An earlier occupant was Thomas Cookson, first Burgess of Lancaster Borough.
Built c. 1740 by Peter Grubb, pioneer ironmaster at nearby Cornwall Furnace, and named for the Upper and Lower Hopewell Forges located on Hammer Creek near the house. Remnants of the forge dams may still be seen in the creek.
The Brothers' House (Bethania) was built on this site in the spring of 1746. Although it is difficult to determine the actual height of the building, the Brothers' House was probably a four-and-one-half story half-timber structure that measured se…
Founder and superintendent of theEphrata Cloister. Conrad Beissel was oneof America's earliest composers of hymnsand anthems, organizer and teacher ofthe cloister singing school and publisherof America's first book of originalcompositions, Turtel-…
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