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This monument was dedicated September 16, 1938 by survivors of the 32nd United States Volunteer Infantry in commemoration of those gallant comrades who made the supreme sacrifice during the Philippine Insurrection 1898-1901 [Roll of Honored Dea…
Founder of theModern Method of Instructionin the American Army
This building and Sheridan Hall to the west were built in 1859 as Ordnance store houses. In 1882, it was remodeled to house Headquarters of the Department of Missouri. It was occupied in 1890 by the Infantry and Cavalry School, forerunner of the C…
On 4 July 1976, the 200th birthday of our Republic, this French cannon was dedicated as a symbol of the aid received from France during our struggle for independence. France provided men, money, materiel, and moral support without which the str…
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[List of battles in which Ulysses Grant participated]
The stone monuments to the west mark the trace of the original road leading up from the river. For many pioneers, traders, settlers and soldiers, this was the beginning of the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails leading to the Far West. The steamboat and f…
This cut is part of the old Santa Fe Trail. Many years ago the Missouri River came near this site and thousands of early settlers were ferried here. Their wagons and teams climbed this hill and headed west toward Santa Fe and the Oregon Territory.…
Dedicated tothe Boy Scouts ofFort Leavenworth Designed and constructedby the personnel of theGuard and Service Company1939
This wall was built in 1827as adefence against the Indians
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