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This unique chapel was built in 1893. Architect Louis Curtis[s] of Kansas City designed the structure after an old gothic chapel he had seen in England. It has served veterans of all wars from the Mexican War (1848) on. The beautiful stained gl…
Leavenworth - Gateway to the West and Headquarters of the Department of the Missouri - was the supply base for settlers and emigrants to the vast region lying west to the Pacific Ocean. Selected because of the excellence of its site, the navigabil…
In the Eighteen Fifties, Sixties and Seventies with thousands of settlers pouring into Leavenworth by river boat and train the landing area housed banks, hotels, saloons, offices, stores and livery stables. As the city grew away from the river …
In this building in 1856 Lucien Scott and John Kerr opened a private bank, Scott, Kerr and Company. In 1874 it was merged with the First National Bank of Leavenworth which had been established in 1868. The First National Bank holds National Charte…
In Leavenworth's early days this building was the home of the Charles Ackenhausen Saddlery Company. Mr. Ackenhausen was a prominent and progressive citizen and a great benefit to Leavenworth after immigrating from Hanover, Germany. In 1858 he work…
Original Masonic Lodge chartered in Kansas in 1856. From July 14, 1856 through October 21, 1868, nine lodges were established in Leavenworth County. Building Association chartered July 31, 1913. Cornerstone laid and dedicated May 10, 1914.
Rev. B. M. Hobson of Lexington, Mo. a Presbyterian preached in a grove of elms near 3rd & Miami in the summer of 1855. On 1 Jan. 1856 Rev. C. D. Martin of Philadelphia organized the First Presbyterian Church with nine members. The group reorganize…
In Grateful Memory of OurVeterans ofAll American Wars
After passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, May 30, 1864, this area was swiftly settled. The county was organized in 1855, taking its name from Gen. Henry Leavenworth who established the nearby fort in 1827. In a county seat war, Leavenworth was …
of the Glacial AgeDonated for Bicentennial Year1976 byMr. and Mrs. William P. McNameefrom their farm located inthe SE 1/4 of Sec. 8 Twp. 10 R-22-ELeavenworth CountyKansas
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