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The town of Saint-Avold in gratitude to her Liberators of the 3rd American Army
Given in honor of Co. G, 112th Inf., PNG (1917) and Svc. Tp., 104th Cav. PNG (1940) and to the memory of the soldiers of those units who gave up their lives World War I Killed in Action Sgt. John W. Wilson 28 Sep 1918 · Pvt. Clair Ri…
The original M113 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) helped revolutionize mobile military operations when it entered service in 1960. These vehicles can carry 11 soldiers plus a driver and track commander under armored protection across hostile battl…
The M46 Patton was developed as a rebuild program for the M26 shortly before the outbreak of the Korean War. A new powerpack was installed in the rear hull, leading to modified engine access doors and a different rear panel. Like the M26A1, it was…
During World War II, one of the most famous tanks was that of the iconic M4 Sherman. Used on all fronts, the Sherman tank was a versatile and reliable tank. Besides the United States, Great Britain, Canada, French, South Africans and Soviet armies…
Since the beginning of massed armies around the world, formal military units have been outfitting their armies in protective gear; in the beginning with armored breastplates, to English Knights, to the Ironclad ships of the American Civil War, and…
One of over 200 Chautauquas created as part of a late 19th , early 20th C. movement that began in 1874 at Lake Chatauqua, NY. It grew to include many programs in the arts, sciences and religion and sought to educate people of all social standings.…
Formed on February 16, 1813 from Dauphin and Lancaster counties. Named for old Lebanon Township, originally created 1729. Lebanon, county seat, is dated from 1740. Early settlers began the building of a rich agricultural and religious heritage.
The courthouse lampposts, original from 1816, are graciously presented by John E. and Marie Bowman Wengert in memory of their fathers respectively. Samuel K. Wengert served as a Lebanon County Commissioner from 1948-52 and Roy M. Bowman served as …
Monument to first canal tunnel in America stands not far up this road. Built in 1823 under this ridge, the tunnel may be reached by a short walk down the hill on either side. The Union Canal was opened in 1827, and operated until 1884.