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Born in New Jersey, Richard and Sarah Conine, the founders of the village of Pataskala, moved to Lima Township and lived on this site as early as 1821 when Richard established a grist mill nearby. Their homestead also served as a stagecoach stop o…
Long time residence of S. Dwight and Ethel Jewett Donated to Utica Historical Society for use as a meeting place and museum by the family of Ned B. Hufford, Utica resident and businessman who died December 12, 1993 June, 1997
In Memory of All of Our Veterans
"Dawes Arboretum"Hedge Lettering, 2,040 ft.planted 1930 & 40; replanted 1990 & 91 The Dawes ArboretumThese evergreens forming the word "Dawes"were planted by and dedicated toVolunteers of the Dawes ArboretumOctober 14, 1990
Spring, 1800, Benjamin Green and family become the first legal settlers in Licking County, followed by the Stadden family; Col. John Stadden marries Elizabeth Green on Christmas Day. Spring, 1801, clearings cut for cabins on Hog Run; Johnny Apples…
How It All StartedIn 1894, the Ohio General Assembly declared Licking Reservoir a public park by the name of Buckeye Lake. In 1904, the Columbus, Buckeye Lake and Newark Traction Company's Interurban Electric Railway was completed. Joining the tre…
[Marker Front]:Using a four-mile long dam, the state of Ohio impounded the Licking Summit Reservoir in the mid-1820s to supply water for the Ohio and Erie Canal. In 1894, the state renamed it Buckeye Lake and developed it for recreational use. The…
[Marker Front]:Formed by the retreating glacier more than 14,000 years ago, Buckeye Lake first existed as a shallow, swampy pond, named "Buffalo Swamp" by Ohio Company explorer Christopher Gist in 1751. Beginning in 1826 the State developed it as …
Flint Ridge is a chain of long, narrow hills extending from a few miles east of Newark almost to Zanesville, a distance of more than twenty miles. The surface of these hills is underlain with an irregular layer of flint, which may be only a few in…
This facility recognizes Gilbert W. Dilley (1902-1996), a life-long student of Ohio history; an avid collector of Ohio Indian artifacts; a long standing trustee, past president, and generous benefactor of the Ohio Historical Society; and a true st…