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The wooden corncrib was found on all farms to hold the yearly corn crop to be fed to the farm animals. The corncrib was also a fun place to play for the family children. Donated by Larry Hall
Horse watering trough was located on the Campbell farm. The windmill is a working windmill but the water is only a recirculating system and the water is unsafe to drink. Donated by Eugene and Hazen Campbell
Relocated in 1976 from the Kossuth Community. Built of lumber hauled by team and wagon from Westport. Site also had a horse barn, coal shed, 2 outdoor toilets and a dug well. School is a one room, one teacher schoolhouse. Students from grade…
Relocated from across the street in 1983 The original owner, Mr. Gus Warzel and Mr. Ernest Schultz built an electric plant across street to east in 1915. The blocks used to form the porch are made of cement poured into forms and were typical o…
Relocated to park in 1981 Missouri Pacific route ran from Butler, Missouri to Mound City, Kansas. Last train ran in 1949, bringing poles to complete the rural electric service to Linn County Contains antiques and memorabilia from the area…
Original date built unknown Relocated to park in 1986 [Balance illegible]
Sacred Heart Catholic Church is the official Shrine to St. Philippine Duchesne; the only person to set foot in Kansas territory to be canonized to Sainthood, as of 2010. This Church was built by the Diocese in 1941-1942. 1941 was the year St. Phi…
Built in the 1840's and came to Mound City, Kansas with the circus in 1865. Restored in 1988.
Original cabin/fort built in 1855 five miles west of Mound City. The original building was the second cabin owned by James Montgomery as the first one was burned by proslavery Missouri Border Ruffians. The logs were placed vertically on the build…
Relocated in 1982 from Centerville Area. Last log cabin inhabited in Linn County. Made of persimmon wood. Mansard roof style allowed sleeping loft. Cabin was taken apart log by log, moved and rebuilt by the Mound City Historical Society. Donated …