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To The Memory OfCadet Charles K. Hodgeof theU.S. Military AcademyAnd A MemberOf The Third ClassOf 1839-40[ north side ] He Died SuddenlyWhilst On A Visit To His ParentsAt Roxbury Conn.on theThirty First Of August 1839.Aged 19 Years 9 MonthsAnd 4 D…
The Town of RoxburyHonors Her Sons & DaughtersWho Served During Times of War World War IJohn Francis Acton · Percy Peck Beardsley · John Milo Bolt · John Grimes Butler · Robert Callahan · Harold Collins · …
This 112-Acre Parcel Has Been PreservedIn PerpetuitySince Sept. 11, 2002By The Roxbury Land TrustEdward F. and Elizabeth M. OrzechWhose Family Established Their Farm HereIn 1924
Site of the 2ndHouse of Worship in SharonGeorge WhitefieldPreached Here June 18, 1770Text - "Marvel not that I said unto Thee, Ye must be born again." John 3, 7An Immense Congregation Assembled
DedicatedIn Grateful Tribute ToThe Men And Women OfSharonWho Have Served Our CountrySince The Founding Of The TownIn 1739
In Memory OfOur MotherEmily Butler Ogden WheelerAnno Domini MDCCCLXXXIV[ east side ] Hours are golden links. God's token.Reaching Heaven: but one by one.Take them lest the chain be broken.Ere the pilgrimage be done.
SharonThe first grant of land in Sharon, later known as the "Jackson Patent" near Amenia Union, was surveyed in 1732, at which time the boundaries of the Town were established. The patent was granted in 1734 by the General Assembly of the Colony o…
ErectedbyThe Town of SharonIn memory of the bravemen who enlisted fromthis Township in the Warof the Rebellion and fellin the struggle to maintainthe UnionAnno Domini MDCCCLXXXV[ east side ] Dwight StudleyWilliam SloverCharles TreadwayJohn EbyEdwa…
This Gateway Is ErectedIn Memory OfRobert Scoville, M.A.1876 - 1934For Thirty Years a TrusteeOf the Hotchkiss SchoolAnd its Treasurer From1915 to 1934 His Fellow Members of theBoard of Trustees HerebyCommemorate Their AffectionateRegard for Hi…
Nation's First Public LibraryIn 1803, Caleb Bingham established in Salisbury the first library in the United States open to the public free of charge. The collection was expressly created for use by young people nine to sixteen years of age althou…
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