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The First. . . Presbyterian Church of Ossian . formed September 29, 1818 by . Rev Robert Hubbard. Elders . James Haynes & Jacob Clendenin . Building built prior to 1845. . var plainText = document.getElementById('inscript…
Phantom Indian of Conesus Lake. . Promoted by Colonel S. Tooey Appearing by moonlight in . canoe calling for help . Tales still shared today . var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; doc…
Site of Ca-Na-Wau-Gus. . Seneca Indian village. . Birthplace of Cornplanter . and Handsome Lake . the Peace Prophet. . var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; document.getElementById('in…
Hamlet existed in this area from 1825-1900
Site of Original Wadsworth Cabin —— · · · —— The Pioneer Wadsworth Brothers, James and William, arrived from Connecticut, June 10, 1790, and became Geneseo's first permanent settlers. The original dwe…
Brevet Major General James S. Wadsworth, October 1807 - May 1864. Mortally wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness. He believed in the Union, Emancipation, and the Genesee Valley, and for those he gave his life.
In memory of the men of Geneseo who offered their lives in defense of their country
The History of the Yard of Ale Bell The Yard of Ale bell is from the original St. Lucy's Church located in Restof, New York, which formally opened on Christmas DAy 1911 with Father Poli celebrating the mass. The building was purchased from the Res…
Big Springs Ancient Indian camp site on Niagara Trail. Earliest white tourist 1615. Scottish settlers 1799. Terminus Pioneer R.R. 1838.
In memory of the men who served in defence of our country
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