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Judge William H. West of Bellefontaine led a distinguished career in law, public service, and politics. In 1854 West helped found the Republican party in Ohio and six years later he participated in Abraham Lincoln's nomination for the presidency. …
To honor those ofBellefontaine, Ohio,who answeredtheir country's call and gavetheir service forthe great cause of liberty
In recognition ofthe patriotism ofthe people ofLogan Countywho oversubscribed theirWar Savings Quota in 1918this tablet isgratefully erected by theOhio War Savings Committee
Pauseyou who pass beneaththis flag,and remember thesacrifice of lifeand of treasurethat has kept it aloft,unstained andbeautiful againstthe sky Dedicated byLogan Co. VeteransMay 31, 1971
Born in Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, William Lawrence moved to Bellefontaine shortly after graduating from Cincinnati Law School in 1840. Lawrence was prosecuting attorney for Logan County (1845); a member of the Ohio Legislature (1846, 1847, 1849-51, 1854…
America's first concrete streets were those which surrounded this court house. Concrete was first used in 1891 to provide an 8-foot strip along Main Street where horses were hitched. Two years later Court Avenue was paved with concrete made from n…
This is the first PortlandCement concrete street builtin the United States.Constructed in 1891Here started the Better RoadsMovement which has given ourcitizens from coast to coastswift and sure transportation1891 1941
The paving of concrete streets in Bellefontaine, Ohio during the 1890's resulted principally from one man's efforts, George Bartholomew. This statue was presented to the citizens of Logan County by the Concrete industries of Ohio and the United…
Chief Moluntha, Grand Sachem of the Shawnees, lived near this place. His wife, the Grenadier Squaw, was a sister of Chief Cornstalk. In 1786 Col. Logan destroyed the town, and Moluntha was murdered by one of the soldiers.
In MemoryofGen. Simon Kenton Born in Culpepper County, VA. in 1755and died in 1836Age 81 years Left his native country in early youth, for a frontier life in the great northwest. Captured by Indians in 1778, and brought to Wapatomica, a S…
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