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Earl Sloan's accumulation of a fortune from the formulation and sale of "Sloan's Liniment" resulted in the creation of a living legacy. To "honor the place of his nativity" Dr. Earl Sloan donated funds to build the Sloan Library for the people of …
In honor of all veterans
Michael Lane Partin for his devoted services to Adriel School and the Adriel Auxiliary 1981- 1990
dedicated to all the former bellringers of the Middleburg United Methodist Church
First White Settler and Doctor in Logan Co Phebe Haines Sharp 1759- 1833
side A- East Liberty School (artwork) 1906- 1962 This memorial of the East Liberty School is presented in memory of first settler Job Sharp and his wife Dr. Phebe Sharp, the first woman doctor in the early 1800's. she passed away in 1833 a…
Remembrance 1951- 1969 Bellefontaine, Ohio was home of the 664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron of the United States Air Force. Young men from all over America served here as part of our nation's Air Defense Forces. To honor those …
Ohio Hi Point Career Center Developing our most valuable resource- people- through quality career technical & academic education. administration superintendent- Kimberly Wilson treasurer- Eric Adelsberger Project Facilitator- Robert Walker…
Lest we forget those who served our country dedicated by Post 426 2007 in God we trust (American Legion logo) (eagle)
In memory of Christopher Crary 1759 - 1848 and David Culver 1764 - 1847 Revolutionary soldiers who are buried in the adjoining cemetery (DAR logo)
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