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Organized in 1832 by Thomas Blewett, with Rev. A.S. Bayley serving as the first pastor (1832-1834), this church has erected two sanctuaries. The first was built here in 1838, and the second, this Gothic Revival-style structure designed by Reuben H…
Joshua Lawrence Meador was born in 1911 in Greenwood, Mississippi, and moved here at age seven. Meador worked for Walt Disney Productions from 1936 to 1965 as head of the effects department. His film credits include Snow White, Fantasia, Bambi, Pi…
Opened 1820's. Ran from Jackson Military Road to Natchez Trace by way of Louisville, Doak's Stand & Choctaw Agency. For years it was only direct route from Columbus to Jackson.
Side ABig Joe Williams (c. 1903-1982) epitomized the life and times of the rambunctious, roving bluesman, traveling from coast to coast and around the world playing rugged, rhythmic blues on his nine-string guitar at juke joints, house parties, an…
The Black Prairies of eastern Mississippi have produced a number of notable blues musicians, including Howlin' Wolf, Bukka White, and Big Joe Williams. Activity in Columbus, the largest city in the region, centered around areas such as this block …
Established in 1833 when James and Susannah Vaughn donated 5.7 acres of land to the Mt. Pleasant congregation. After Judge John Perkins donated an adjacent 5-acre plot to the congregation in 1851, the church was moved and the original site was des…
Henry Armstrong, born Henry Jackson in this area in 1912, began his professional boxing career in 1931. Armstrong became the only boxer to hold world titles simultaneously in three weight divisions. He was named boxer of the year in 1937 and 1938 …
Unity Presbyterian Church organized in 1828 with the Rev. Thos. Archibald, pastor. Buried here are early settlers, one Revolutionary War soldier, two War of 1812 soldiers, and three Civil War soldiers.
Friends of Libraries U.S.A.Literary Landmarks Register The Tennessee WilliamsVisitors Center Author, playwright, and poetThomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams(1911-1983),was born in Columbus, Mississippi.In tribute to his life and writings, thi…
Organized 1869. Original building ? mile west. Rev. Thomas Benton Wood, first Pastor. Land Given by Martha Kidd Vaughn, lumber by A.P. Presley.