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Front: Discoverer of the use of sulphuric ether as an anaesthetic in surgery on March 30, 1842 at Jefferson, Jackson County, Georgia, U.S.A. Born at Danielsville, Georgia Nov. 1, 1815Died at Athens, Georgia June 16, 1878 "My profession is…
Naturalist ~ Artist ~ Historian Described the rare native plant Nestronia umbellate. Explored local area in 1773.
Discoverer of anaesthesia and first to use in surgery March 30, 1842 Born in Danielsville, GeorgiaNovember 1, 1815Died June 16, 1878
This County, created by Act of the Legislature December 5, 1811, is named for James Madison, Virginia Democrat, fourth President of the United States, 1809-?17. The site for Danielsville was given by Gen. Allen Daniel of Revolutionary fame. In thi…
On the night of July 11, 1964 three African-American World War II veterans returning home following training at Ft. Benning, Georgia were noticed in Athens by local members of the Ku Klux Klan. The officers were followed to the nearby Broad River …
Dr. Crawford W. Long who first used ether as an anesthetic, in a surgical operation at Jefferson, Ga., March 30, 1842, was born in a house that stands about 1 block from here. Dr. Long, born Nov. 1, 1815, was barely 27 when he performed the famous…