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The western spirit of adventure is captured in a moment of connection between two Pony Express riders. A legendary American tradition established in 1860 was revived in 1958 by Arizona's Hashknife Pony Express-who have continued to deliver the U.S…
Scottsdale's founder, a minister, Civil War hero, member of the Territorial House of Representatives and Chancellor of the University of Arizona who promoted the dusty desert east of Phoenix is honored here by the citizens of Scottsdale for his ma…
An adobe-walled refuge against ApachesBuilt by the Lehi Pioneers of March 6, 1877First Mormon colonists in central or southern Ariz. [Left Column]:Daniel W. Jones· Harriet E. Jones· Daniel P.· Wiley C.· Edwin W.&midd…
Known as the Odd Fellows Hall when it was built in 1898, this building is the oldest surviving three story brick commercial building in Maricopa County. Its 2-story high ballroom, located on the second floor, has hosted several fraternal organizat…
Built in 1903 with stone from Tempe Butte and dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, this church is the oldest in the valley.For decades it was the only Catholic Church in the area and former Pastors include Bishop James Davis of Santa Fe and Bis…
[Upper Marker]:Mormon Church 2nd Alma Chapel meeting house, 1911. Sold, 1954 to Producers Insurance Company. First Campus Mesa Community College, 1963. Converted to a restaurant in 1973. [Lower Marker]:This is the site of the original Campus of…
Joel Sirrine arrived here in 1878 with the 'Mesa Company' of Pioneers. He constructed this house, which is Mesa's best example of Victorian architecture.
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior
Approximately 300 B.C. Prehistoric Indians entered the Salt River Valley. They developed an extensive canal system and raised corn, beans, squash, agave and cotton. Over 500 miles of Hohokam canal have been recorded in the Salt River Valley. Es…
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