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This property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Location - 4 miles south 1 mile east from southeast corner of Peabody
Acquired in 1925 by the Woman's Relief Corps as an assembly hall for The Grand Army of the Republic and its Auxiliary The National Woman's Relief Corps. This property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United…
These light poles were from the Peabody High School (1923-1996). Bob and Susan Marshall of Peabody donated them to the Peabody Historical Society. Installation at this location was a joint effort between the historical society and the Peabody Tow…
In memory of the Defenders of the Union 1861-1865 ———————— In 1900 the Peabody Women's [sic - Woman's] Relief Corps Post 99, auxiliary for Peabody Post 89 of the Grand Army of the Republic, pur…
National Register of Historic places
This monument is an expression of deep gratitude — to the City of Peabody for receiving the Mennonite immigrants, extending hospitality to them, and now granting a plot for this memorial, — to the Santa Fe Railroad for directing the …
The Price of Liberty in undiluted full measure is sacrifice, pain, and blood - these Patriots paid the Price for Us All ———————— In War, There is no Substitute for Victory. Gen Douglas MacA…
Erected to the memory of Wilbert H. Otte FF/C U.S.N. Born Apr. 14, 1922 Killed in Action May 4, 1945 Aboard the U.S.S. Birmingham
Operated 1822-1872Purchased from the Indians Aug. 10, 1825Surveyed 1827 fromIndependence, Mo to Santa Fe, N.M.