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Ever-Changing SceneIn Yosemite, you may never witness the same scene twice. This grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise, somewhere; the dew is never all dried at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eterna…
At certain times of the year some of the Valley's waterfalls disappear. Bridalveil keeps flowing even in late summer, when Yosemite Falls begins to dry up. Above Yosemite Falls the terrain is largely bare granite; runoff is rapid. Bridalveil Cr…
On this site President Theodore Roosevelt sat beside a campfire with John Muir on May 17, 1903 and talked forest good. Muir urged the President to work for preservation and priceless remnants of America's wilderness. At this spot one of our countr…
One fourth mile north of Carson Creek, tributary of Agua Fria, was located Agua Fria, first county seat of Mariposa County in 1850-1851 one of original 27 counties in California. Until 1852, while mining was main industry of region, Mariposa Count…
St. Catherine Church was built during the 1860's probably in 1865. Before the church was built, priests came from Stockton to say Mass for the people of Hornitos. Priests from Sonora and Mariposa came for Mass after the church was built. In the 19…
Historic Jail Museum · History of 1849 · RelicsGold Rush Day Displays One of the Nations Most Famous Ghost Towns early population 15,000. Here was the first Wells Fargo Express Office in county. $40000 in gold sent to Mint daily b…
Hornitoswas a rich townin the fifties whenCalo Cavangnaroerected this building
In 1858D. Ghirardelli & Co.OperatedThis storeNow owned byD. Ghirardelli Co.Chocolate & CocoaSince 1852
Started in 1850 by outcast Mexicans from nearby Quartzburg and given the name Hornitos, meaning "little ovens", from the dome like rock and mud bake-ovens being used here by some Germans.The whites soon gained predominance, the population grew to …
Situated 150 feet south of here wasThe originalHornitos OfficeofWells Fargo & Co. This plaque is dedicated to thePioneers of CaliforniabyYosemite Parlor No. 24. N.S.G.W.of Merced