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To honour the memory of all who died, suffered andemigrated due to the Great Famine of 1845 - 1850,and the victims of all famines. The Memorial was unveiled by the President of Ireland,Mary Robinson, on 20 July 1997. I gcuimhna ar an daoine …
Ag Criost an muirAg Criost an t-iasc_liontaib de go gcastar sinn This monument was erected to honour thecontributions of the traditional seafaringfishing community in Murrisk. We celebrate their memory and ask you to rememberall those who lo…
IgCuimhne ar an maor Seán Mac Giolla Bríde Major John Mac Bride Vice-Commandant Irish Republican Army, Major in the Army of the South African Republic, Organizer of the Transvaal Irish Brigade, who died for Ireland 5th May, 1916. Go…