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Side A 1714-1789 Near this Green was the site of the General's Farm, Store and dwelling house Side B 1714-1789 Officer in the French & Indian and Revolutionary Wars Delegate to the Continental Congress Member of the Conn. Coun…
The Underground Railroad Led by George Read, Founder of the Town's Ivory Industry, Deep River Became Known in the Nineteenth Century as "All Abolitionist" and a Refuge for Runaway Slaves on the Underground Railroad. In 1828, Daniel Fisher, a 20-Y…
Chester Chester is located on land known as Pattaconk or Pattyquounck in Indian deeds of the 1660's. Settled largely by families from Saybrook, it became the Fourth Ecclesiastical Society of the Saybrook Congregational Church in 1740 and was inco…
1782 deKoven House Community Center 1942 Middletown, Connecticut 1748 John Lewis deKoven 1821 Founder 1871 Clarence Seymour Wadsworth 1941 Donor Dedicated to the deKoven and Wadsworth families who loved this house and developed or served…
Ivoryton Originally part of the Saybrook colony, the area now known as Ivoryton was annexed with the newly formed Essex in 1859. Thought of as the "wild country," it soon developed into a prosperous manufacturing village. In the late 17…
Yesterday, Today And Forever We Remember All Who Served Our Country In The Cause Of Liberty Dedicated November 11, 1987 Essex Veterans Memorial Hall
World War I ★Anderson, Edward A. · Antonson, Theodore A. · Babcock, Leman e. · ★Babcock, Lloyd D. · Barbaresi, Frank · Baroni, Joseph R. · Baroni, Louis J. · Beebe, Orvill…
We Honor the Elephant During the 1800's Deep River was the center of America's ivory trade. Elephant tusks from Africa were brought to Deep River landing for local factories to make piano keys, combs, buttons, and billiard balls. Up to 100,000 el…
Veterans Memorial Lane 1941-1945-World War II-1991-1995 Deep River Remembers Erected by Essex Savings Bank, Deep River Historical Society, The American Legion & Auxillary and The Veterans Memorial Green Committee
This Property Has been Listed in the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior
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