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The first Lowell Manufacturing Company buildings were constructed along Pawtucket Canal in 1828 in order to make use of Lowell's abundant water power. The two steam-powered building in this courtyard, however, were erected in 1882 and 1902 as the …
Great Warrior and friend of the white man, embraced Christianity, died at the age of 122. Known as Aspinquid-The Indian Saint. Great Council of Massachusetts Improved Order of Red Men. This Monument was Renovated by the Students from 'The Metal…
Dedicated Sept. 2, 1905 to the memory of the veterans of the Civil War and Spanish Wars. The erection of this monument is largely the efforts of the Women connected with the patriotic organizations of the veterans. This spot was set aside for Sold…
House of Marrett & Nathan Munroe-Built 1729, a Witness of the Battle
April 19, 1775-The Dawn of Revolution-On the night of April 18, 1775 approximately 700 British soldiers gathered on Boston Commons to prepare for a raid on American military supplies stored in nearby Concord. Informed of the British troop movement…
Symbol of a nation's efforts to obtain freedom and equality for it's peopleThe John Brown Bellowned, and placed here, John A. Rawlins Building Association, acting in behalf of Akroyd Houde Post 132, the American legion, with the co-operation and a…
Site of Fort PutnamErected by the American forcesDecember 1775During the Siege of Boston
Near this spot 800 British soldiers from Boston Common landed April 19th, 1775 on their march to Lexington and Concord
Known for many years as the Cradock House because it was thought to have been built in 1634 for Matthew Cradock, the construction of the house is now attributed to Peter Tufts. Although the exact date of its origin is obscure, it is known to pre-d…
Here stood the home ofThomas Eames,burned by the Indians inKing Philip's War Feb. 1, 1676.His wife and five childrenwere slain and four carriedinto captivity.—This memorialis placed by his descendantsA.D. 1900
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