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History Cawker City was founded in 1870 by four men, who played a poker game to see who the town would be named after. The winner, Colonel E. H. Cawker, built the first house in town. The town was incorporated on March 20, 1874, and grew quickly…
American Indians considered Waconda Springs a sacred site. Translated similarly by other tribes, the name comes from a Kaw word meaning "Great Spirit." The legend tells of the beautiful Waconda who fell in love with the warrior Takota from a compe…
Welcome VisitorsWaconda Springs was said to be known to Native Americans as a ceremonial meeting place for the tribes documented to have used the area. The known tribes are: The Arickanees, Wichita, Sioux, Osage, Kiowas, Arapahoes, Cheyennes, Coma…
Many moons ago, so runs an Indian legend, Waconda, a beautiful Princess, fell in love with a brave of another tribe. Prevented from marriage by a blood feud, this warrior embroiled the tribes in battle. During the fight an arrow struck him as he s…
Twelve Mile Post Office1874 - 1894 Cawker CitySmith CenterTrail1871
Started byFrank Stoeberin 1953 7,801,766 feet17,886 pounds2006 1988 circumference 40' 3"14,687 lbs.