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This memorial is dedicated to US Navy, US Marine Corps, and Confederate States Navy personnel who lost their lives in the Battle of Mobile Bay, Civil War August 5, 1864
The incorporation of The Merchants Bank of Mobile was authorized April 13, 1901 with offices at 56 St. Francis Street. On July 1, 1927, Merchants became a national bank and occupied this eighteen story building which was dedicated October 11, 1929…
Here stood in Spanish times, the great Indian trading houseof John Forbes & Co.
Here within Fort Charlotte was Mobile's first jail.
Built in 1860 by George Gilmore, owned in 1866 by Dr. Edmund Pendleton Gaines, in 1901 by Mrs. Susan Quigley; this historic house was bought in 1963 by the City of Mobile and restored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce.
Established 1819 by city of Mobile for yellow fever victims. Buried in raised tombs are Spanish and French citizens of early Mobile, and many pioneer Americans.
Owner - Builder of Oakleigh Born 1801 in South Carolina (day and month of birth unknown) Died Jan. 12, 1856
On this site stood the home of Mayor Samuel H. Garrow, where the Marquis de Lafayette was entertained on his visit to Mobile, April 7, 1825. Lafayette, French officer, statesman, and hero of the American Revolution, visited the United States as "G…
Built in 1878 in the Italianate style. In 1852, Bettie Hunter was born a slave in Dallas County, Alabama and later moved to Mobile after the Civil War. She and her brother, Henry Hunter, had a profitable carriage business in downtown Mobile. She d…
After the NAACP was outlawed in 1956, LeFlore and the Non-Partisan Voters League took a more active role in civil rights in Mobile. LeFlore served as its director of casework. He was a plaintiff in Bolden vs. Mobile and the judgement changed Mobil…
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