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Four miles east is former mining town of Chloride which was started in 1864 with discovery of few mines. In 1900, it had two thousand population. Fifty or more mines were in operation around Chloride, including Tennessee - Schuykill, large produce…
Oatman was founded about 1908. By 1931,the areas mines which had produced over1.8 million ounces of gold. By the mid 1930's,the boom was over and in 1942 the last remaining mines were closed as nonessential to the war effort. Burros first came to …
A modern civil engineering wonder of the United States One of seven selected by the American Society of Civil Engineers1955
[Upper Plaque]:In grateful memoryRobert P. McCulloch, Sr.Whose purchase of London Bridgein 1968saved it for the enjoyment and useof prosterity[Lower Plaque]:October 10, 1981on this 150th AnniveraryLondon Bridgewas formally dedicated to thecitizens…
Opened ByThe Right Honorable The Lord Mayor Of LondonAlderman Sir Peter Studd G.B.E.M.A.D.Sc.In The Presence OfThe Honorable Jack WilliamsGovernor Of ArizonaOctober 10, 1971Robert P. McCulloch Sr? ? ? ? ? C.V. Wood Jr.? ? ? ? ? Founder?? ? ? ? ? ?…