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On New Years Eve 1783, British forces were evacuating New York City as part of their final withdrawal from the new American Nation. The British warship H.M.S. Assistance was anchored in Sandy Hook Bay when 11 seamen deserted the ship. 1st Lieut…
On July 5, 1778 armies under General Sir Henry Clinton passed this point to reach British ships, at anchor off Horseshoe Cove, which evacuated them to New York. This completed their withdrawal through Middletown from Freehold after the Battle of M…
In MemoriamS.S. Morro CastleSeptember 8, 1934This monument is dedicated to the 137 passengers and crew of the S.S. Morro Castle who lost their lives on September 8, 1934 when the ship burned off the Jersey Coast when returning from Havana, Cuba to…
Near this site in 1932, Bell Labs. scientist Karl Jansky first discovered radio waves coming from outer space, thus beginning the science of radio astronomy.
At this location in 1931, Karl Jansky, a Bell Laboratories physicist and radio researcher, recorded for the first time radio signals from beyond the Earth. The source of these signals—radio noise at a wavelength of 14.6 meters—was the …
On June 10, 1779, a British raiding party under Lieutenant James Moody marched from Tinton Falls to Black Point. When embarking for Sandy Hook they were attacked by a detachment of the Continental Army. The Americans lost eleven, killed or w…
Tavern and stagecoach stop on The Burlington Path—from the Atlantic Coast to the Delaware River. Owned by the widow Hart, the wife of Joshua huddy.
One of 6 "one room" schoolhouses, originally known as the Barrenton School was moved to its present site, and became the Montrose School. Operation ceased in 1922 with the construction of the Atlantic School on Rt. 537.
Site of the home of Revolutionary Hero Captain Joshua Huddy and his wife, the Widow Hart. In 1780, a party of Tories set fire to the home.
This famous church was the pastorate of Reverend William Tennent. It stands on the famous Battlefield of Monmouth.
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