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Generations of Waln/Meirs women helped to build and sustain the farm, mill and domestic life at Walnford and to ensure its ultimate survival. Sarah Ridgeway Waln and her daughter Sarah Waln were among a small but noteworthy group of women who owne…
Richard Waln, a Quaker merchant from Philadelphia, purchased Walnford as a production source for his import/export business, and to establish an estate for his family. The mills and farm provided goods necessary for all during the American Revolut…
Site of Old Free Church built in 1791 for use by all Christian Denominations
William Reape purchased the land that the Brinley Grist Mill was built on in 1665. It was later willed to William Brinley in 1715. John Brinley, who as the son of William Brinley, built the mill in the 1700's. The mill was the first business in th…
Converts of George Keith, 1702, became nucleus of Episcopalian Congregation Incorporated in 1738. This edifice was built in 1769.
The settlement of Quakers in the colony of New Jersey is regarded as an important contribution to a progressive tradition in the state. Then as now, Quakers believed in equality and in granting women a unique role in their communities. Quakers bel…
The Historic American Building Survey Department of the Interior Department Washington D.C. has selected The Quaker Meeting House erected 1816 Shrewsbury New Jersey as being worthy of preservation.
Houses and shops once lined the road across from the mill. These are two of the six known tenant houses that were part of the small community formed by the people who lived and worked at Walnford. In the 1700s and 1800s millers, craftsmen, far…
This is believed to be one of the only remaining booths which were once common throughout early rail travel in New Jersey. Buildings such as this provided shelter, warmth, and minimal comforts for the Gate Keeper. These buildings, however, became …
It is with great honor, appreciation, and respect that NJ Transit Corporationdedicated the Red Bank Train Station to the Honorable Daniel J. O'Hern(1930 - 2009) Daniel J. O'Hern, a devoted son of Red Bank, served not only his town, but also his st…
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