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This National Guard unit traces it origins to Capt. Morgan Morgan, who formed the company Feb. 17, 1735. It served with Washington's militia in Braddock's 1755 campaign. At the outset of the Revolution he called upon these fighting men to "drive t…
John Pierpont, Revolutionary soldier and the son-in-law of Zackquill Morgan, built a fort in 1769. Washington was his guest in 1784. Here was born Francis H. Pierpont, who played an important part in the formation of West Virginia.
One half mile north of this marker stood the house where George Washington stopped in September 1784 and conferred with leading men of this section "pursuing my inquiries respecting the navigation of the western waters". Eager to investigate the C…
West Virginia (Monongalia County). "The Mountain State"—western part of the Commonwealth of Virginia until June 20, 1863. Settled by the Germans and Scotch-Irish. It became a line of defense between the English and French during the French a…
Made famous as line between free and slave states before War Between the States. The survey establishing Maryland-Pennsylvania boundary began 1763; halted by Indian wars, 1767; continued to southwest corner, 1782; marked, 1784.
Ice's Ferry was settled by Frederick Ice in 1767. His son Adam, born the same year, was the first white child born in Monongahela Valley. Andrew Ice in 1785 started the first authorized ferry in western Virginia.
Oldest stone house in Monongalia County. By legend built by Jacob Nuze on original lot 25. Sold 1795 to tavern-keeper Henry Dering. Owned 1800 - 1813 by potters John Thompson and Jacob Foulk. Bought by Joseph Shackelford who operated a tanyard her…
Scotts Run By the 1930s 10,000 residents representing 28 nationalities and tied to the coal industry crowded the hillsides, victims of severe poverty brought on by a coal recession and Great Depression. "The Shack" and Scotts Run Settlement House…
In memory of Monongalia's sons "They fought for the freedom of others." In memory of "Our Sons" who fought for the freedom of the world, 1917-1918 In memory of "Our Women" who sacrificed for the freedom of the world, 1917-1918 "In memory …
Built in 1913 and 1914 under the direction of U.S. Department of Treasury Supervising Architect Oscar Wenderoth and at a cost of $97,000, this cut stone and marble Neoclassical structure housed the U.S. Postal Service and federal agencies in Morga…