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Through much of Pittsford's history, farming and agriculture related businesses dominated the local economy. The completion of the Erie Canal in 1824 led to a local commercial boom including the construction of wharves and warehouses along the vil…
Camp Site 1687 Denonville's army of about 2600 Frenchmen and Indians camped here overnight July 12 on the way to attack the Seneca Indians.
The meadows north of this stone form the site of the Indian Landing. Famous in the early history of this country. It was the beginning of the Ohio Trail from Canada to the Mississippi Valley. From this point the portage ran west to the mouth of Re…
Brighton Village In early 19th century, hub of activity on stage route & canal, famed for seeds & nurseries. Church first organized in 1817. Rochester annexed village in 1905.
First Village Schools SIte of the 1898 red brick school and 1911 high school. Both were replaced in 1936 with the T L R Morgan building. Present school district is located on Woodbine Ave.
The Falls of Irondequoit Creek dropped 90 feet in a mile called "Sgoh-Sa-Is-Thah" by the Indians, later gave power to many mills.
Lincoln House Built in 1841 home of Andrew Lincoln owner of Lincoln Flour Mill. Nearby Spring Lake Park named after his mill pond.
Elmwood Cemetery Early burial ground established 1820 on land given by the Conklin and Carter families.
This memorial site is dedicated to all veterans of the armed forces of the United States of America who have faithfully served their country and have been laid to rest in the Elmwood Cemetery. "The mystic cords of memory, stretching from every bat…
Glover Perrin built Perinton's first log cabin here in 1790. His brother Jesse in 1791 cleared land to the west used for cemetery.
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