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Operated by Joseph Cox 1820 to 1830. Replaced by wooden covered bridge built by Ira Carpenter & used from 1830 to 1870
First town west of Genesee River organized here 1797Ebenezer Allan Home 1786Peter Shaeffer Farm 1789Terminus Pioneer R.R. 1838
Lock, dam and toll house of Genesee Valley Canal located approximately one hundred feet eastOperated 1840 to 1878
Road to Genesee Valley Canal landing and the warehouses of I. Carpenter and Philip CarbuttCanal used 1840 to 1878
Site of a setttlement ofTuscaroras6th Nation of Iroquois League. Driven from Carloinas by British 1714-1722
Lecturer and suffragist, organized black women's club movement and helped found the NAACP in 1912.
Centralized 1927, first central school district in county, 34th in state, formed Aug. 17, 1927 from 19 area school districts
Author of 40+ novels which sold in the millions lived here at her "Little Brown Cottage".
Site of the first Sweden Town Meeting April 5, 1814. Dedicated this 10th day of July 1977.
Near this spot on the morning of February 18, 1861 Abraham Lincoln addressed the citizens of Rochester.